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.NGO PhilInCon:
Umbrella organisation of the PESCP in the Philippines.
President: Dr. Enrique Sanchez
Vice President:  Honorio Jamandron

.Ruhr-University Bochum:  http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/
Conservation Biology Unit of Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany, founder and PESCP Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio..

Conservation Biology Unit, Ruhr-Universität Bochum:
Mitteilungen für Student(inn)en, Mitarbeiter und Alumni
(German page for University matters related to the PESCP)


From the PESCP´s inception, the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS, http://www.zgf.de/) has been the main supporter till end of 2009. .
.The National Geographic Society Conservation Trust: http://www.nationalgeographic.com

.Republic of the Philippines
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR): http://www.denr.gov.ph/..

.Municipality of Pandan http://www.pandan.gov.ph/

Aklan State University

maintains linkages with Green Forum and coordinates with local NGOs, POs and relevant government offices on the Island of Panay, as well as maintaining and increasing contacts through local and national media.

Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation, Inc., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental  


Further supporters

.  Chester Zoo Logo
North of England Zoological Society
Website: via Chester Zoo

Brehm Fonds für Vogelschutz e. V. (Brehm Fund for International Bird Protection), http://www.brehm-fonds.de (German web page)
with a page about Philippine hornbill protection

Columbus zoo logo
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio, , supports PESCP in its efforts toward in situ protection of wildlife in the Central Panay Mountain Range, starting in 2007, for which assistance the project is immensely grateful.

  Sandiegozoo logo
San Diego Zoo´s Wild Animal Park
Escondido, California  

Logo - Jardin d'Oiseaux Tropicaux
Jardin Zoologique Tropical, La Londe, France, http://www.zootropical.com, also kindly supports our conservation efforts


ZGAP logo
.Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations
Germany: ZGAP, Zoologische Gesellschaft für Arten- und Populationsschutz, http://www.zgap.de/
France: CEPA, Conservation des Espèces  et des Populations Animales,   http://www.association-cepa.org/

  Logo Derutsche Umwelthilfe
Deutsche Umwelthilfe
http://duh.de/ in cooperation with Rapunzel Naturkost AG (German web page) 

Some links to other websites
The following links do not lead to PESCP pages.We have no influence on the content of the websites mentioned here, please do not make us liable for any contents in them with which you do not agree. For details see our linking policy

Some pages about Philippine biodiversity and conservation:

ARKive - images of life on earth
A non-profit guide to photos and films of the world's endangered wildlife, promoting awareness of  biodiversity and conservation needs: http://www.arkive.org/
See for instance videos, photos and facts about endangered species in the Philippines

Vanishing treasures of the Philippine rain forest. Online edition of a book by Heaney, L. R. & J. C. Regalado, Jr. (1998), Field Museum, Chicago. (A superbly illustrated introduction and overview on the Philippine biota, its threat and its conservation).

The state of Philippine biodiversity. By Pamayanan. http://www.bwf.org/bk/pamayanan/r-rpbiodiv.html - no longer online under this address

Philippine Laws on the Environment. By Tanggol Kalikasan (defense of nature). http://www.tanggol.org/environmental_laws/ - no longer online under this address

Endangered Endemic Species of the Philippines. A comprehensive listing of animals found only in the Philippines. By Pia Belardo. http://www.eesp.freeservers.com/ - no longer online under this address

Philippine Wildlife. By Samir Clark Aragon: http://www.philwildlife.com - no longer online under this address
Philippine threatened wildlife - a prayer for the dying. Old page, still available. http://www.philwildlife.com/prayer.html  - no longer online under this address

Animal info - Philippines. By Paul Massicot, Science Net Links. http://www.animalinfo.org/country/philippi.html

Environment: Biodiversity of Pandan. Page in the official website of the Municipality of Pandan. http://www.pandan.gov.ph/environment/biodiversity.html

Negros threatened avifauna. By Lisa Marie Paguntalan, 1001: In: Philippine threatened wildlife - a prayer for the dying.  http://www.philwildlife.com/nta.html - no longer online under this address

Philippine cockatoo conservation program. By Tanikalang Ginto / Tribung Pinoy. design: Samir Clark Aragon:. http://www.philippinecockatoo.com/ - no longer online under this address

Philippine Raptors Conservation Program. By the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau, DENR. Last time this page was viewed with Netscape 4.7 the browser got repeatedly stuck in an "error" message page, Netscape had to be started again. With other browsers it works
http://www.pawb.gov.ph/programs/raptors.htm - no longer online under this address

Philippine eagle conservation. By The Peregrine Fund. http://www.peregrinefund.org/conserv_philegle.html  - no longer online under this address

Philippine owl conservation. World owl trust - DENR press release. http://www.owls.org/Whatis/pocp.htm - no longer online under this address

Philippine Tarsier Foundation. http://www.philippinetarsier.org/index.html

Philippine plants. A website by the Botany Division of the Philippine National Museum: http://www.pnh.com.ph/

One Ocean - Improving coastal management in the Philippines. http://www.oneocean.org/

Some pages of other organisations:

The IUCN red list of threatened species: http://www.iucnredlist.org

IUCN-SSC Philippine Plant Specialist Group: http://www.pnh.com.ph/

Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources - Philippines. http://www.aenet.org/treks/haribon.htm

Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the DENR: Partner institution on biodiversity information. http://www.pawb.gov.ph/

Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands: http://www.psdn.org.ph/wetlands/

Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation: http://www.bwf.org/bk/pamayanan/tabunan.html

Quantum Conservation. German organisation with projects on Negros and Cebu . http://www.quantum-conservation.org/

Links to some Philippine wildlife organisations:

by Samir Clark Aragon. http://www.philwildlife.com/links.htm - no longer online under this address

by Samir Aragon: http://www.suite101.com/links.cfm/14467 - no longer online under this address


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