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Philippine Association for Conservation and Development, Inc.

How you can help

As a registered nonprofit organization, PhilConserve can do its work and strive to accomplish its objectives only through the contributions provided generously by individuals and public as well as private institutions worldwide.

If you are among those who have already made a contribution in support of our conservation and community development projects, please accept again our sincere thanks.

If you would like to make a donation for the first time, or if you wish to contribute anew, please click below to access our donation form.

To assist you in deciding on the amount of your contribution, the donation form includes summary information on the main projects  we implement and the average cost of each project.  More detailed information can be found in our projects page.
The donation form also allows you to inform us whether your donation is to be used for any specific project, or whether you have no preference in this regard.

To further assist you in determining how much to donate, the form cites suggested contribution amounts (in U.S. dollars), divided into four main levels, as follows:

Supporter: 50.00-200.00 Patron:  300.00-400.00
Co-Sponsor: 500.00-900.00 Sponsor: 1000.00 or more

Unless you specifically ask us not to publicize your name and/or contribution amount or level, we may cite such information in our periodic reports and/or the PhilConserve website as part of our practice to publicly acknowledge every donor’s generosity and help.


Donations in support of PhilConserve´s projects

Philippine Association for Conservation & Development, Inc.
Pandan, Antique, Philippines
Tel. +63-36-278-9540    Email:  [email protected]
Website: http://www.philconserve.org


For safety reasons we do not provide bank data here. 
Donations can be sent as crossed cheques either to the Pandan office or to the New York address till we have arranged for a more convenient mode of payment, or you can contact us via e-mail. 

Your choice of support: information about some of our projects
 (Our projects page, html format)

Download our donations form sheet   (PDF, 24 KB)

Print postal address labels   (PDF, 10 KB)


Donations can be made in Philippine pesos, in U.S. dollars, or in any currency easily convertible to Philippine pesos or U.S. dollars. 

For donations from within the Philippines tax exemption receipts can be issued on request.

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